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Running Red Lights

is a one-stop shop for all your entertainment needs, offering a singular and hip alternative to the standard issue 'Tuxedo Clad Orchestra'.


Just like a florist or décor company will create a unique environment for your wedding, entertainment should do the same: create an experience. No two weddings are identical. A great wedding band will tune into the vision of the couple who is marrying, ask the right questions, and deliver a fully customized event. Great music and performance are hugely important but only account for 50% of what makes wedding entertainment successful. The other 50% is production, preparation, customization, timing, reading the crowd and creating flow during the evening. Running Red Lights is a band that can succeed in all of these roles. 


Why Running Red Lights?


Couples that hire Running Red Lights are typically looking for a band that will pack the dance floor and leave a lasting impression in the memories of family and friends. Our ability to read the crowd and make decisions in the moment is essential to our success. RRL developed these skills over many years, beginning in 2006, when we assembled as an original band. Our art provided the means for us to tour globally as well as perform for a diverse range of audiences at the highest level alongside some of the world's topmost music acts. This experience and the chemistry that comes from 18 years of performing together is RRL's single most distinctive feature.

Many wedding bands are a revolving door of musicians and vocalists. The results can often be a product that is inconsistent and characterless. When hiring RRL you can be assured of what and who you are getting.

Vital to RRL's sound is lead vocalist/drummer and music director, Kevin Howley, and lead vocalist Scarlett Flynn. Each offer their own individual voice and experience. Kevin is a dynamic drummer and vocalist specializing in R&B and soul. Scarlett is an emotional and powerful singer specializing in pop/rock, folk and country. This combination brings a blend and quality of sound that is entirely unique to RRL and makes it possible for us to offer a wide range of musical stylings.


Performance is an art form. One of the keys to being a successful performer is a strong and confident stage persona. Through the process of experience and experimentation, each RRL member brings they own dynamic and quirky personality to their performance. The result is a band that is extroverted, interactive, energetic, fun and most importantly, entertaining.


RRL is a collection of devoted artists who take the upmost pride in our music. We work tirelessly to ensure that we are offering you the absolute best of ourselves and our art. We do not approach any event with an apathetic or superficial attitude. We do this work because it deeply enriches our lives and because we want our music to have a long lasting impact on the lives of others.


RRL comes with a lot of experience and education. This extends not only to musical ability and stage experience but also to sound production, song development, song arranging, event management and business administration. We are always happy to supply credentials and client testimonials upon request.

As a one-stop full-service entertainment company we offer absolute customization. We are adaptable and constantly developing our talents and creating new opportunities for growth.



Drums/Vocals/Music Director










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